IEP coach services

Good Morning Special Needs Parents and Teachers!

I am so excited to get my journey started as an IEP coach and start helping families and teachers work together to create meaningful IEPs.

The IEP process itself can sometimes fell overwhelming especially for parents, but it doesn’t have to be. If you are concerned about your child’s IEP or feel you need help advocating for your child an IEP coach can help.

I can assist families who are just starting out on their special education journey and advice them of how to proceed, including walking new families through the IEP process. I can also work with families who have existing IEPs by completing a review or analysis of their child’s IEP in an effort to help address any areas that may present.

Some of the services I offer include: writing advocacy letters, helping to create strength based IEPs, reviewing IEP goals to ensure that they are reasonable and measurable, reviewing the accommodations and modifications listed in the IEP are appropriate for your child, etc.

You can reach out to me via email at or call me at 505-930-1221 for a free 15 min phone consultation.

I am looking forward to helping families one IEP at time!


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